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May 22, 2017

Are you trying to decide between Lamzac, Wind Pouch, Chillbo Baggins and Sit Hip?

In 4 easy minutes, we let you now which is best for you.

Air Lounger Outdoors

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Inflatable Air Lounges

     The Inflating Process

Inflation is the most important thing that you should consider when choosing air lounges because you cannot use it without air. Review the process of inflating it, how fast it is and whether you need a pump or not. If you intend to move it around, the pump will be extra luggage, and so you should go for one that does not need it.

     How Long Do They Hold Air

How long does the air lounge remain inflated? The answer to this question is vital, and it will influence your decision when choosing an inflatable bag. Whereas some can maintain the fluffiness for more than 10 hours some will only last for a couple of hours. Always go for something that will give you extended longevity as this is the only way to ensure you enjoy some relaxing time for long periods without having to refill.


The exterior of the bag is responsible for keeping water out and holding in the air, and so it should be high-quality. You should never overlook the construction material when shopping for air lounges as this will determine not only performance but also its durability. Always go for something with a sturdy material that is still as soft as possible to ensure maximum comfort. The construction design should also make the lounge sturdy enough to withstand a lot of weight.


We get warranties with cell phones and cars, why not have one with your new favorite Air Lounger for any damages caused by the outdoors or parties.


Whereas some air lounges will cost less than $20, you might have to part with close to $100 or more for others. And so, the price is a major factor that you should always consider when shopping for the loungers. Consider how much money you are willing to spend on it and then shop around for something high-quality that is within your budget or is affordable to you.

1. Lamzac by Fatboy

The Lamzac is a comfortable air lounge from Netherlands that is spacious enough for use by two people at the same time. It inflates fast on a windy day, and you will not need to use a pump or your breath to fill it up. The lounge is ripstop nylon fabric, and this makes it lightweight and durable so that you can enjoy its comfort for many years.

Deflating is also fast as it only takes a few seconds and it can fold up to a compact size which will make storage and transportation easy. And unlike most others, it gives you the opportunity to choose from ten different colors.

Lamzac Product Shot


  1. Can hold 2 people comfortably
  2. Affordable
  3. Durable Construction
  4. Can hold 440 pounds
  5. Carrying bag
  6. Dirt and moisture repellent
  7. Simple design


  1. Boring colors
  2. Hard to inflate
  3. Rounded back (Unstable in Water)
  4. Does not remain inflated for long
  5. Not suitable for use in pool

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2. Wind Pouch

The Wind Pouch inflatable hammock has earned the title of being the world’s best and even though it is for us to decide, there is no doubt that it has a lot going for it. For example, it is manufactured from a highly durable form of nylon, which is not only coated, but the threads are also in a lattice pattern, meaning, it is pretty much impossible to tear it

But after reading many reviews we found that they tend to rush manufacturing.  "Do not buy this brand. The idea is great but have had to return two due to immediate stitching failure and faulty snap buckle.  Wind Pouch makes the return process very slow and painful. Expect two weeks plus per return cycle."  This comes directly from amazon.

Wind Pouch


  1. Holds 500 LBS
  2. Pocket on the side
  3. Carrying bag
  4. 100% Nylon for durable construction
  5. Rust resistant Carabiner
  6. Very comfortable
  7. it can float in a pool


  1. Boring colors
  2. Bad reviews on Amazon (Bad Sowing)
  3. Slow return process
  4. Massive logo on the side
  5. Side pockets are almost never straight up
  6. Side pockets are thin
  7. Pricey at 80$

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3. Chillbo Baggins

This air filled lounge chair is perfect for anywhere outdoors. Aside from the attractive name, this chair offers the extreme in comfort. It is perfect for everything from the most relaxing front yard to the most active of music festivals. With so many colors to choose from, this can be customized to your own signature style.

Chillbo Baggins


  1. It is easy to inflate, and it does not need a pump.
  2. Ripstop nylon is durable and lightweight.
  3. This air lounge can float on water, and it is waterproof.
  4. It comes in some beautiful color combinations that make it look very attractive
  5. Chillbo Baggins folds to a very compact size that could be great for your camping trips.
  6. You do not have to buy a bag because it comes with one at no extra cost.
  7. The lounge can support an impressive 400lbs when inflated.
  8. It is a versatile lounger that you can use for lounging almost anywhere.
  9. The elastic anchor loops make it possible to stake it down.


  1. Storage pockets are small and thin.
  2. Small Children might be prone to sinking inside
  3. Expensive at 80$
  4. Inflating it can be hard for those without experience with similar products.
  5. It takes some effort to find your comfort spot when lying on it.
  6. This air lounge only lasts for about an hour before it deflates.
  7. The Chilbo Baggins can get too hot when you are sunbathing.
  8. Name is kinda weird if you don't like Lord Of The Rings

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4. Sit Hip Air Lounger

The Sit Hip Air Lounger is actually when of the newest to the marketplace but has hit it by storm.  They have had the time to see the faults and benefits in the current products.  Working with influencers and ambassadors has provided them with major growth as they had to be the most pop culture popular Air Lounger Brand.

  Sit Hip Air Lounger Product Shot


  1. 210D ripstop nylon (Shh!) is Rip and rock proof, Waterproof and Fire Retardent.
  2. Their fabric has been weighted to fill easily but not fly away
  3. The Sit Hip is the longest in the market so it requires less air to fill up (Length of King Bed)
  4. It holds up to 600 pounds
  5. It fits 3 people comfortably
  6. The square back design allows for stability in the water
  7. Simple and discrete logo placement
  8. Colorways that beat out all the other brands
  9. Industry standard pricing
  10. No worthless pockets to accidentally leave sunscreen in and melt
  11. Comes with a free anchor loop for wind and carrying case for hiking
  12. Dual height design so kids don't fall in
  13. Lifetime Warranty with no questions asked
  14. Holds air overnight so you can sleep on it
  15. Environmentally friendly inner layer


  1. Can blow away if not anchored
  2. No pockets if you really want them
  3. Not 29$ dollars



In trying out all of these similar products, we found that they all had their advantages and disadvantages so we had to go back to our main criteria, how easy were they to fill, how long did they stay inflated, would they rip and was there a warranty.  Price still remind a close second because we didn't want to mess around in the 20-30 dollar range. One of the special things we found in the category of filling was that the Sit Hip Team(Guilty of being part of it) made their loungers over a foot longer.  That means that you can get say 30% air in the whole thing but know you can roll it up more and the added air from the length would allow if to compress and fill at the normal length you would want to sit in it at.  

One of the special things we found in the category of filling was that the Sit Hip Team(Guilty of being part of it) made their loungers over a foot longer.  That means that you can get say 30% air in the whole thing but know you can roll it up more and the added air from the length would allow if to compress and fill at the normal length you would want to sit in it at.  Also, the extra length allowed for always having more rolls in the seal which allowed for air to last longer than any of the other brands.  Yes, we did try all these out before making ours and it did pay off with this improvement.

After going to many music festival and beach trips the team was sick of seeing all the plain colors of Lamzac, Chillbo Baggins, and Wind Pouch.  Couldn't they just spice it up a bit?  We guess not.

Besides trying to fix every problem we saw, we wanted a simple bag, no huge branding and no pockets that tip your drink over because you can never end up with the proper fill.

Don't forget the no questions asked, lifetime warranty.  Please don't abuse it.

The Winner is Sit Hip

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